Science Uncovered for teachers

Enjoy an evening for free at the Museum. Meet our scientists in the Museum's galleries and take part in a number of exciting activities, involving science stations, debates and expert-led tours. Bars and restaurants will be open, including the Science Bar where you can discuss burning scientific issues of the day with our scientists.

Science Uncovered takes place on Friday 27 September, from 16.00 to 23.00. Best suited to adults after 18.00.

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The Colour of Nature
Take part in this specimen-rich workshop and explore colours in the natural world. This fun, practical workshop links Key Stage 3 biology and physics. Students can link their learning to current scientific research at the Museum as they investigate real applications of natural colours.
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Cutting Edge
Surprise and captivate Key Stage 2 students with this hands-on workshop. Students will investigate teeth and diet using an inspiring collection of animal skulls, including two life-size replica dinosaur skulls. One of our palaeontologists will challenge them to apply their knowledge to work out which dinosaur eats what.
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Ice Rink
Welcome to winter at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink. Advance tickets are now available, with a discounted price of 7 per student for all pre-booked school groups of 10 or more. Accompanying adults skate for free. To find out more or to book call Ticketmaster on +44 (0)844 847 2491.
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The Great Debate
Plunge your students into the historical debate surrounding Darwin's theory of evolution. Students will utilise our spectacular gallery specimens and displays to collect evidence as we bring to life the heated controversy surrounding the publication of On the Origin of Species. Students can boost their understanding of the relationship between theory and evidence and learn how different methods of interpretation can cause controversy.
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Spring term will see the launch of a new exhibition Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story. Take a human journey though time to uncover the people who occupied ancient Britain, the dramatic changes in climate and environment that shaped their existence, and the science behind what we know. See a skull from the earliest Neanderthal in Britain, the world's oldest wooden spear, and other remarkable objects from our past.

Call our Bookings Office on 020 7942 5555 for
school visit enquiries and bookings.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

September 2013

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