Evolution Day

Engage your Year 9, Key Stage 4 and A-level students in the Museum’s Evolution Day. This structured day includes the award-winning interactive film Who Do Think You Really Are?, a self-guided version of the Great Debate workshop and the option of a gallery-linked Explore and Discover guide (50p each).

Exploring human evolution

Interested in offering your students the opportunity to get hands-on with ancient hominid skulls and explore the pathways of human evolution? The Real World Science programme is trialling a new Key Stage 4 workshop.

If you would like your class to participate and feedback on this exciting new development, contact Rachel Haydon on r.haydon@nhm.ac.uk.

Human evolution

The Variety Show

Encounter the Museum’s largest, smallest and possibly most beautiful specimens in this 30-minute show about species adaptations, and how and why scientists classify life.

Key Stage 2 and 3 students will discover how humans fit into the classification system and get the chance to do the job of our enquiries service scientists, if they survive a close encounter with a giant squid…

The Variety Show

The Evolution app

Access more than 650 million years of Earth’s history on your iPad. Swipe, pinch, tap and explore the history of life on Earth in our new Natural History Museum Evolution app – a comprehensive resource that will support you both in the classroom and on your Museum visit. Watch the promotional video and find full details on our website, then download the app from iTunes.

Evolution on your iPad

The Great Debate

A self-guided version of the Great Debate workshop has been developed to allow teachers the freedom to explore Darwin’s theory of evolution outside pre-booked Museum sessions. We’ll send you comprehensive resources before your visit, and then you simply pick up student sheets on the day.

Self-guided Great Debate

Evolution online

We have a wealth of content online to support evolutionary concepts in the classroom. From an interactive tree of life, to an introduction to the key characters in the debate waged around Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, you will find all you need on our website.

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(September 2012)