London NERC projects

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Doctoral Training Partnership is offering 13 joint projects between the Museum and university partners Birkbeck, Brunel, Kings College London, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway and University College London.

For information on how to apply please click here.

The deadline for applications is 9.00 Monday 17 Feb 2014.


Lead supervisors are in bold.

       Supervisors: Giles Miller, Bridget Wade (UCL)

       Supervisors: Paul Williams, Mark Brown (RHUL)

       Supervisors: Neil Brummitt

       Supervisors: Andy Purvis, Georgina Mace (UCL)

       Supervisors: Paul Eggleton, Julia Koricheva (RHUL)

       Supervisors: Ian Barnes, Danielle Shreve (RHUL)

       Supervisors: Andy Purvis, Bridget Wade (UCL)

       Supervisors: Bill Dubbin, Karen Hudson-Edwards (Birkbeck)

       Supervisors: Paul Barrett, Susan Evans (UCL)

       Supervisors: Stephen Stukins, Suzanne Leroy (Brunel)

       Supervisors: Paul Clark, David Morritt (RHUL)

       Supervisors: Chiara Petrone, Paola Vannuchi (RHUL)

       Supervisors: Chiara Petrone, Hilary Downes (Birkbeck)


For general enquiries about PhD studentships please contact:

Dr Eileen Cox DSc
Head of Postgraduate Studies
Science Directorate department
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


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