GW4+ DTP Projects

The Great Western Four+ Doctoral Training Partnership (GW4+ DTP) is offering 19 joint projects with the Natural History Museum and university partners Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. 

The deadline for applications is Friday 10 January 2014.


Lead supervisors are in bold.

       Supervisors: Juliet Brodie, David Bass, Rupert Perkins (Cardiff), Marian Yallop 
       (Bristol), Gary Barker (Bristol)

        Supervisors: Paul Taylor, Beth Okamura, Mike Benton (Bristol)

        Supervisors: David Bass, Grant Stentiford (CEFAS), David Studholme (Exeter)

        Supervisors: Mark Carine, Simon Hiscock (Bristol), Matthew Hegarty 

        Supervisors: Paul Kenrick, Harald Schneider, Silvia Pressel, Phillip Donoghue 
        (Bristol), Dianne Edwards (Cardiff)

        Supervisors: Ronald Jenner, Davide Pisani (Bristol), Nicholas Roberts (Bristol), 
        Mark Blaxter (Edinburgh)

       Supervisors: Reimar Seltmann, David M. Sherman (Bristol), Jens Andersen 

        Supervisors: Robert Prys-Jones, Jakob Vinther, Innes Cuthill (Bristol)

        Supervisors: Alfried Vogler, Martijn Timmermanns and Richard ffrench-Constant 

  • The on-going British invasion of the tree bumblebee: helped or hindered by sex and parasites?

        Supervisors: Paul Williams, Lena Wilfert (Exeter) and Juliet Osborne (Exeter)

        Supervisors: Mark Wilkinson, Davide Pisani (Bristol) and Matt Wills (Bath)

        Supervisors: Mark Wilkinson, Matthew Wills (Bath), Mike Benton (Bristol), 
        Marcello Ruta (University of Lincoln) and Nick Longrich (Bath)

  • Alternative approaches to supertree construction: examples from arthropods

        Supervisors: Mark Wilkinson, Matthew Wills (Bath), Davide Pisani (Bristol) and 
         Araxi Urrutia (Bath)

  • Critical metal fractionation during metasomatism of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle

        Supervisors: Richard Herrington, Reimar Seltmann, Jens Andersen 
 and Jon Blundy (Bristol)

  • Constraining granite emplacement depths in the Altaids of Central Asia: implications for orogenesis and ore formation

        Supervisors: Richard Herrington, Robin Armstrong, Frances Cooper 
 and Richard Brooker (Bristol)

  • The relationship of gold mineralisation to ocean crust structures and hydrothermal systems in the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus

         Supervisors: Richard Herrington, Hazel Pritchard (Cardiff), Chris MacLeod 
         (Cardiff), Tom Blenkinsop (Cardiff), Ben Williamson (Exeter) and Jon 
         Naden (BGS) 

  • Invertebrate biodiversity and ecosystem function in an African agricultural landscape

        Supervisors: Martin Hall, Richard Wall (Bristol) and Sarah Beynon (Dung 
        Beetles Direct Ltd.)

        Supervisors: Greg Edgecombe, Davide Pisani (Bristol), Jakob Vinther (Bristol) 
         and Mark Blaxter (Edinburgh)

        Supervisors: Sara Russell and Tim Elliot (Bristol)