Student feedback

Student feedback given below gives you a flavour of some of the modules and the course as a whole.

'Being at the Natural History Museum for a year has definitely increased my chances of future employment'

'A well-rounded course.'               '...excellent lecturers!'

'Thank you for the most amazing (and challenging) year ever!'

'Academically and socially very good.'

 'It's all been brilliant!

'A fascinating introduction to systematics.'

'It definitely helped me get interviews.'

'The course has a good reputation.'

Molecular systematics:  

  • 'The practical was extremely well run and I feel that I learnt a lot which will be very useful in future - it is great to get an opportunity to practice these techniques which many of us had never done before.'
  • 'Clear, detailed and logically structured presentations'
  • 'All lab demonstrators were excellent and really helpful'

Tree of Life: 

  • 'Brilliant delivery, made complex concepts understandable'
  • 'Enthusiasm was contagious and exciting in delivery'
  • 'Lectures were engaging and very interesting'

Statistics - R: 

  • 'Challenging, but good fun'
  • 'Difficult to start, but easy by the time I got the gist of it'

Intro to Taxonomy:

  •  'Amazing ... very engaging ... exciting lecture ... excellent delivery'

Palaeontology and stratigraphy:  

  • 'Great stuff!!'
  • 'A massive amount of enthusiasm that was infectious!'

Field course: 

  • 'I really enjoyed this'
  • 'Excellent bonding experience!'
  • 'It was very interesting and fun'

Phylogenetic reconstruction: 

  •  '...a necessary evil, but I learned all that was needed for future use!'
  • 'A really good module and excellent lecturers'
  • 'Vast knowledge, integrating philosophy of science'
  • 'Teaching style is excellent ... very clear ... excellent pace ... concise'

Research project:  

  • ' of the highlights of the MSc year.  The choice of projects was very wide and I feel it is a very valuable part of the course!'
  • 'The project has been brilliant!'
  • '[My supervisor] was awesome!'
  • 'The Museum facilities are brilliant'


  • 'Very enjoyable course!'
  •  'Very clear lecturer'
  •  'Whole course was very coherent'