Morphology projects

Projects dealing with the form and structure of organisms and their specific features.

  • A comparative study of the rates of morphological evolution in the Xerinae (Sciuridae)
  • A morphological phylogenetic analysis of the Scolopendromorpha (Chilopoda) using new characters from the external genital regions
  • Character quality: a re-assessment of behavioural characters in phylogeny estimation
  • A new species of commensal polychaete (Annelida: Hesionidae) from a Portuguese canyon, with an analysis of evolutionary pathways in the deep sea
  • Flora in South Africa: Patterns of evolutionary history
  • Phylogeny of the Genus Culex (Diptera: Culicidae)
  • An investigation of the phylogenetic potential of caecilian skin
  • Measuring morphometric disparity and diversity in endemic radiations: The Lake Tanganyika gastropods as a model system
  • Hannaea arcus R. M. Patrick (Fragilariophyceae; Bacillariophyta) in Lake Baikal: Distribution in Space and Time
  • Orders out of Chaos: A phylogeny of the class Tentaculitoidea (Phylum incertae sedis)
  • A phylogenetic analysis of the copepod family Pseudocyclopidae
  • Phylogenetic relationships of the basal branches of Curculionoidea (Insecta, Coleoptera) derived from morphological and molecular evidence
  • The Palaearctic ice age rhinoceroses: an investigation using morphological characters and gap-coding techniques to determine phylogeny
  • Preliminary cladistic (morphology-based) analyses of extinct and extant Scleractinian corals
  • Evolutionary studies of the soft slipper fungus, Crepidotus (Basidiomycota: Agaricales)
  • Phylogeny of Acanthocolpidae (Digenea: Trematoda). Some questions answered
  • Estimating the completeness and congruence of the dinosaur fossil record: phylogenetic approaches
  • Identification and cladistic analysis of species of the Lower Jurassic fish Dapedium