General Information    

Postgraduate students benefit from and contribute to this dynamic research environment.

As part of the training of postgraduates at the Museum each students presents seminars and posters.

Postgraduate attendance at meetings or conferences is also given high priority and appropriate additional financial support from Museum funds. 

Postgraduates are actively encouraged to seek advice and training from Museum researchers outside their immediate research group when appropriate and to explore the potential for interdisciplinary synthetic work.

  • Botany library
    Postgraduate policy

    Details of the supervision, training, aims and structure of postgraduate learning at the Museum.

  • Insect medley
    University links

    Contact information for the Museum's affiliated universities.

  • Green iguana
    Departmental postgraduate liaison officers

    Contact details for the Museum's postgraduate liaison officers

  • Sawfly larvae
    Student facilities

    The Museum offers scientific and library facilities, sports and leisure facilities, a welfare officer, employment opportunities, departmental seminars and training.

  • Emperor moth larvae
    Grants and awards

    Grants and awards are available for British and overseas students.

  • Sturgeon
    Student Feedback

    Read student feedback on some of the modules and courses and see where our students have ended up.