Background to the homeopathy database


The list of the plant and fungi remedies used in the Complete Repertory (van Zandvoort, 1994-1996) provided the framework for linking and associating all other names from their various sources. These sources are the Materiae Medicae (see van Zandvoort, 1994-1996), and available editions of the American (1979), French (1991), and German (1990 and 1993) homeopathic pharmacopoeias.


A bespoke database was used for storing the data of the plants and fungi used in homeopathy. Every published authority for each species was checked from primary sources and all citation errors corrected. All names conform to ICBN rules with the authority, place and date of publication for each name given. Abbreviated statements regarding status of the name follow directly after the bibliographic citation, e.g. nom. nud. (nomen nudum).Other statements include orthographic variants (differences in spelling) are given in parentheses, and publications not seen are given in curly brackets. An accepted name may have many synonyms, but only those synonyms that are used as homeopathic names are included in this list.

Linked elements

Other linked elements in the database are family names, standard abbreviated remedy names, letter codes, and, where needed, additional information provided as notes. These notes include common names, vernacular names, names peculiar to homeopathy and those names of different species that have been misidentified.