Cyclonephelium intonsum DUXBURY 1983

Pl. 2, fig(s). 7
NHM registration number: FD26(1)

Transmitted light images:

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Ventral face in low focus

CLSM stills:

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Maximum Projection
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Shadow Projection
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Red/Green Anaglyph

CLSM movies:

Extended focus animation

Movie through the image stack

Original diagnosis:

"A species of Cyclonephelium whose outline is roughly circular. It has a low, distally rounded and closed apical horn and a left antapical prominence may be present. A dense, low ornament covers the ventral periphery and takes the form of irregular granules or short coni which may coalesce laterally to produce a crude microreticulum. Some interruption of ornament may be observed laterally in a position corresponding to the paracingulum. The archeopyle is apical with the operculum usually completely detached. Paratabulation is lacking, but parasutural splits around the archeopyle margin indicate the presence of six precingular paraplates. The parasulcus is offset to the left." - From Duxbury (1983, p. 33-34).