Cyclopsiella mura DUXBURY 1983

Pl. 9, fig(s). 15
NHM registration number: FD152(1)

Transmitted light images:

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Specimen in high focus
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Specimen in optical section
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Specimen in low focus

Original diagnosis:

"A species of Cyclopsiella which is oval in outline and which may be flattened at one pole. A distinct flange encircles the body and a fairly large, circular hole surrounded by a thickened rim is invariably present just below one pole. The body surface is finely granular to crudely reticulate." - From Duxbury (1983, p. 67).


This species has later been questionably assigned to the acritarch genus Cyclopsiella Drugg & Loeblich Jr. 1967 emend. Head et al. 1989c by Head et al. (1989c, p. 497). Now: Cyclopsiella? murus Duxbury 1983.

The correct spelling of the species name is Cyclopsiella? murus, since a substantive is used for the specific epithet of the species name, and such an epithet is retained, regardless of the gender of the generic name (noun in apposition).

(See Williams et al., 1998).