Kiokansium STOVER & EVITT emend. DUXBURY 1983

Emended diagnosis:

"Spheroidal to elongate ellipsoidal dinoflagellate cysts bearing solid, distally acuminate or branched processes. Processes number from 19 to over 40. Archeopyle two-paraplate precingular with paratabulation indicated only by archeopyle margin." - From Duxbury (1983, p. 48).

Kiokansium prolatum DUXBURY 1983

Pl. 6, fig(s). 4
NHM registration number: FD81(1)

Transmitted light images:

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Right lateral view in optical section

CLSM stills:

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Shadow Projection

Original diagnosis:

"An elongate ellipsoidal, thin-walled, chorate dinoflagellate cyst. It has 19 slender, solid processes which are proximally flared and distally produced into several flat, tapering, recurved spines. Each process is paraplate centred and a gonyaulacacean paratabulation pattern of the formula 4', 6”, ?c, 6''', 1p., 1p.v., 1'''' may be inferred. The paracingulum is devoid of processes. The pre- and postcingular processes are longer than elsewhere, so that the length to breadth ratio of the entire cyst is considerably smaller than that of the main body. The archeopyle is two-paraplate precingular." - From Duxbury (1983, p. 49-50).


This species has later been emended by Masure (1986, p. 114).

(See Williams et al., 1998).