Cribroperidinium conopium DUXBURY 1983

Pl. 4, fig(s). 11
NHM registration number: FD30(1)

Transmitted light images:

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Optical section

CLSM stills:

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Maximum Projection
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Red/Green Anaglyph

CLSM movies:

Extended focus animation

Movie through the image stack

Original diagnosis:

"A large, ovoidal, proximate dinoflagellate cyst species which possesses a long, distally tapering, blunt-ended apical horn. The entire surface, with the exception of the parasulcal depression, is covered by a coarse reticulum. Typically gonyaulacacean paratabulation is superimposed on the reticulum in the form of very low crests which may be distally denticulate. Accessory crests are present within paraplate areas. The archeopyle is formed by detachment of paraplate 3''." - From Duxbury (1983, p. 43).