Muderongia? digitata DUXBURY 1983

Pl. 3, fig(s). 15
NHM registration number: FD51(1)

Transmitted light images:

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Optical section
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Optical section

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Shadow Projection

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Original diagnosis:

"A very thin-walled, proximate dinoflagellate cyst species which is roughly pentagonal in outline and which bears a total of seven digitate projections representing five horns. There is a single apical horn, which is the broadest of all, two antapical horns, which are narrow and of approximately equal length and two lateral horns composed of two pairs of long, narrow, digitate projections with the paracingulum running between each pair. The lateral horns are similar in length to those at the antapex and the posterior element of each pair is usually slightly the longer. The archeopyle is apical with the operculum usually remaining attached." - From Duxbury (1983, p. 35-36).


This species has later been transferred to the genus Australisphaera Davey 1978 by Jain & Khowaja-Ateequzzaman (1984, p. 39), and then to the genus Vesperopsis Bint 1986 by Bint (1986, p. 156). Now: Vesperopsis digitata (Duxbury 1983) Bint 1986.

Bint (1986, p. 156) suggested that Australisphaera dolabella Duxbury 1983 [Now = Vesperopsis dolabella (Duxbury 1983) Bint 1986] is a possible taxonomic synonym of this species.

(See Williams et al., 1998).