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Conodont collection database


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This online catalogue is intended for university academics and industrial micropalaeontologists who are interested in conodonts. Searching the database gives broad information about discrete collections within the conodont collection housed at the Natural History Museum.

Generic, specific and subspecific names are included in the database, but may sometimes include outdated identifications or no identifications at all, for example in the case of picked slides where no identifications have yet been made. As a result, the database is best searched by name of donor/collector/publisher or by geological period.

Links to images are included with some collections. These images are to be published on the Natural History Museum's PaleoBase CD-ROM and have been DigimarcedTM to prevent use other than on this website. Some images are included as red-green anaglyphs and should be viewed using red-green spectacles with the red lens over the left eye.