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This refers to either topographic features or political features (eg an English County). In many cases there is no data for this field. When searching the database using the Drill-down method a name must be selected in this field (even if it 'Unspecified') to enable well names/outcrops to be listed. Particular areas rich in this form of geographical data include East Africa and the United Kingdom.


  • Alaska is in the database as a separate 'Country'. Alaska was an important exploration area and due to the large number of entries in the database it is separated from the USA. Searching under USA will NOT find any sites in Alaska.
  • Continents are sometimes specified on the Search engine in the 'Country' location (e.g. the Americas).
  • East Africa. A number of entries are listed under East Africa. Specific geographic localities are absent from the material. As soon as more details become available the database will be updated.
  • Oceans. Where the location was truly oceanic the ocean name will be found under the 'Country' drop-down list. However where the material was from locations close to a particular country, such as the North Sea, then one should look for that material under the relevant nearest country, such as Norway or the United Kingdom in this example.
  • Unknown. There are over 300 records for which no country data is currently available.
  • West Indies. Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas are grouped together under this collective name.



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Enter keywords into whichever fields are necessary. Once happy with your keyword search click on Search to view all the records which match your keywords.

Drill-down Search

First select a Country from the Drop-down list - the Basin/Area menu will automatically repopulate with listing basins or areas in the selected country. The optional selection of a Basin/Area will then automatically update the list of Well Names and Outcrops. When all desired fields are selected click on View list to view all the records which match your selection(s). At least a country must be selected.


Records Page

This provides information on the following data:

  • Country
  • Basin/area
  • Well name/outcrop
  • Well number
  • Well depth
  • Core depth
  • Outcrop
  • Nannofossil material
  • Palynological material
  • Micropalaeontological material

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We are currently unable to display this information on the website. If you require this information, do not hesitate to contact us, detailing your request and your academic/commercial institution.

Well Name/Outcrop

The material in the Collection is a mixture of deep core samples and material collected from Outcrops. The provenance of the material is indicated for each Well Name/Outcrop record.