Mineralogy collection database

Keyword search

searches a summary field, the content of which is a concatenation of select individual fields. Please note that many records do not have a comprehensive summary, but we are working to improve this situation.

Detailed / advanced searches

Note that due to priorities in data capture, information regarding specimen acquisition history is often limited, so searches for donors may not give comprehensive results. If you cannot find the records you are looking for, please try searching different fields, or contact a curator.

Search options

  • AND - If two terms are entered into the same field, without quotes, the system will search for records where the field contains both terms. EG - a search for garnet granite gneiss will return records containing all three words in any order.
  • EXACT MATCH - To search for records containing an exact string, enclose the string in double quotation marks. EG - a search for "garnet granite gneiss" will return only records which contain the exact text garnet granite gneiss.
  • NOT - Precede the value with an exclamation mark. EG - Wales !"New South".
  • OR - It is currently not possible to run this kind of Boolean search.

Please note that Boolean searches may be slow.