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WCP6340 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Casey (Mrs) 29 May 1900
WCP6339 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Casey (Mrs) 13 March 1899
WCP6338 Skertchly, Sydney Barber Josiah Wallace, Alfred Russel 1906
WCP6337 Skertchly, Sydney Barber Josiah 18 February 1910
WCP6336 Lankester, Edwin Ray ("Ray") Wallace (née Mitten), Annie 24 August
WCP6335 Fisher (née Buckley), Arabella Burton Wallace (née Mitten), Annie 7 November 1883
WCP6334 Fisher (née Buckley), Arabella Burton Wallace (née Mitten), Annie 9 October 1883
WCP6333 Wallace, Alfred Russel unknown correspondent 2 January 1861
WCP6332 Wallace, William Greenell [ARW's brother] Sims (née Wallace), Frances ("Fanny") 8 August 1844
WCP6331 Wallace, Audrey
WCP6330 Wallace, Audrey
WCP6329 Carpenter, William Benjamin Editor of "Fraser Magazine" 17 December 1877
WCP6328 Wallace, Alfred Russel February 1870
WCP6327 British Government Meldola, Raphael 14 December 1914
WCP6326 Meldola, Raphael Asquith, Herbert Henry 12 December 1914
WCP6325 Marchant, James unknown correspondent 12 December 1914
WCP6324 Marchant, James Meldola, Raphael 17 December 1914
WCP6323 Meldola, Raphael British Government 18 December 1914
WCP6322 British Government Meldola, Raphael 14 January 1915
WCP6321 Meldola, Raphael British Government 15 January 1915
WCP6320 Meldola, Raphael British Government 20 January 1915
WCP6319 British Government Meldola, Raphael 22 January 1915
WCP6318 The Controller and Auditor General of His Majesty's Treasury unknown correspondent 5 March 1915
WCP6317 Asquith, Herbert Henry 13 February 1915
WCP6316 unknown correspondent 15 January 1881

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