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WCP5440 Mayor of London 28 July 1879
WCP5441 King's Bench 3 June 1792
WCP5442 unknown correspondent 1882
WCP5443 Austrian Zoological-Botanical Society 1 March 1901
WCP5444 Societas Regia Edinensis 7 November 1910
WCP5449 unknown correspondent
WCP5450 Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP5451 Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP5452 Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP5454 Ford, W. B. 6 October 1914
WCP5494 Fisher (née Buckley), Arabella Burton 1880
WCP5495 Darwin, Charles Robert 1880
WCP5496 Darwin, Charles Robert 1881
WCP5506 Wallace, Alfred Russel 1902
WCP5507 unknown correspondent 24 September 1880
WCP5508 unknown correspondent 10 January 1902
WCP5510 Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP5519 Wallace, Alfred Russel 18 February 1847
WCP5528 Wallace, Alfred Russel December 1843
WCP5530 Wallace, Alfred Russel 1866
WCP5532 Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP5550 Wallace, William Greenell [ARW's son] 19 January 1934
WCP5559 Wallace, Violet Isabel
WCP5565 Wallace (née Webster), Mary Elizabeth 1853
WCP5566 Wallace (née Webster), Mary Elizabeth 1854

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