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WCP3064 Watson, James Douglas Beddard, Frank Evers 29 August 1902
WCP2049 Watson, Hewett Cottrell Wallace, Alfred Russel 24 January 1881
WCP6197 Watson, Hewett Cottrell
WCP597 Waters, Alfred Hall Wallace, Alfred Russel 6 January 1913
WCP2918 Waterhouse, Charles Owen Wallace, Alfred Russel 25 November 1908
WCP2052 Ward (née Benson), Elizabeth Ann Wallace, Alfred Russel 17 February 1881
WCP2213 Ward, Lester Frank Beddard, Frank Evers 3 October 1894
WCP2410 Ward, Lester Frank Wallace, Alfred Russel 4 July 1889
WCP2734 Walsh, P. Wallace, Alfred Russel 18 March 1911
WCP5561 Walsh, John Henry Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP1545 Wallas, Graham Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP1292 Wallace (née Webster), Mary Elizabeth Sims (née Wallace), Frances ("Fanny") 14 May 1855
WCP5565 Wallace (née Webster), Mary Elizabeth 1853
WCP5566 Wallace (née Webster), Mary Elizabeth 1854
WCP5567 Wallace (née Webster), Mary Elizabeth 1855
WCP5568 Wallace (née Webster), Mary Elizabeth 1858
WCP3650 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Curzon, George Nathaniel 20 November 1913
WCP4240 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Cockerell, Wilmette Porter 16 October 1910
WCP4245 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Cockerell, Wilmette Porter 3 February 1913
WCP4560 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Meldola, Raphael 20 December 1908
WCP5593 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Leith-Ross, Frederick William 16 November 1913
WCP5596 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Asquith, Herbert Henry 14 November 1913
WCP5807 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Wallace, Alfred Russel 9 November 1886
WCP5811 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Wallace, Alfred Russel 4 April 1887
WCP5822 Wallace (née Mitten), Annie Wallace, Alfred Russel 22 November 1886

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