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WCP2283 Marcou, Jules Haggard, Henry Rider 10 March 1872
WCP4887 Wallace, Alfred Russel Lyell, Charles 6 March 1872
WCP1951 Wallace, Alfred Russel Darwin, Charles Robert 3 March 1872
WCP5424 Veth, Pieter Johannes Haggard, Henry Rider 25 February 1872
WCP5543 Tolmie, William Fraser Hooker, Joseph Dalton 20 February 1872
WCP2010 Spencer, Herbert Haggard, Henry Rider 19 February 1872
WCP4076 Darwin, Charles Robert Haggard, Henry Rider 19 February 1872
WCP3946 Wallace, Alfred Russel Barbey, William 3 February 1872
WCP2281 Damiani, Giovanni Haggard, Henry Rider 23 January 1872
WCP2280 Jones, Henry Bence Haggard, Henry Rider 19 January 1872
WCP4740 Flower, William Henry Haggard, Henry Rider 2 January 1872
WCP2293 Crotch, George Robert Wallace, Alfred Russel 17 1872
WCP397 Wallace, Alfred Russel Sims (née Wallace), Frances ("Fanny") 31 December 1871
WCP2278 Youmans, Edward Livingston Haggard, Henry Rider 20 December 1871
WCP673 Wallace, Alfred Russel Stainton, Henry Tibbats 10 December 1871
WCP672 Wallace, Alfred Russel Stainton, Henry Tibbats 7 December 1871
WCP4572 Wallace, Alfred Russel McLachlan, Robert 28 November 1871
WCP3420 Crookes, William Haggard, Henry Rider 27 November 1871
WCP4571 Wallace, Alfred Russel McLachlan, Robert 25 November 1871
WCP3095 unknown correspondent Haggard, Henry Rider 18 November 1871
WCP2277 Palgrave, Francis Turner Haggard, Henry Rider 15 November 1871
WCP2276 Leblois, Georges-Louis Haggard, Henry Rider 1 November 1871
WCP5255 Wallace, Alfred Russel Edmunds, James 31 October 1871
WCP3591 Hampden, John Rawlinson, Henry Creswicke 30 October 1871
WCP3590 Hampden, John Markham, Clements Robert 26 October 1871

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