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WCP5525 McDonald, Archibald Hooker, William Jackson 2 April 1843
WCP5526 Spruce, Richard Hooker, William Jackson 1 January 1861
WCP5527 Spruce, Richard Hooker, William Jackson 5 January 1855
WCP5528 Wallace, Alfred Russel December 1843
WCP5529 Wallace, Alfred Russel Geikie, Archibald 9 November 1869
WCP5530 Wallace, Alfred Russel 1866
WCP5532 Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP5533 Jacobson, Edward Hill, Arthur William 2 May 1924
WCP5534 Price, W. R. Prain, David 4 October 1912
WCP5535 Hooker, Joseph Dalton Prain, David 18 July 1911
WCP5536 Thwaites, George Henry Kendrick Hooker, Joseph Dalton 15 November 1864
WCP5537 Hooker, Joseph Dalton Darwin, Charles Robert 26 November 1880
WCP5538 MacOwan, Peter unknown correspondent 24 December 1895
WCP5539 MacOwan, Peter Thiselton-Dyer, William Turner 28 January 1896
WCP5540 MacOwan, Peter unknown correspondent 1 April 1896
WCP5541 MacOwan, Peter unknown correspondent 17 June 1896
WCP5542 MacOwan, Peter unknown correspondent 20 January 1897
WCP5543 Tolmie, William Fraser Hooker, Joseph Dalton 20 February 1872
WCP5544 Tolmie, William Fraser Hooker, Joseph Dalton 23 October 1870
WCP5545 Campbell, W. H. Hooker, Joseph Dalton 23 September 1869
WCP5546 Fawcett, Henry Thiselton-Dyer, William Turner 23 November 1896
WCP5547 Ramage, George unknown correspondent 1 January 1889
WCP5548 Prestoe, Henry Thiselton-Dyer, William Turner 10 August 1877
WCP5549 Hely-Hutchinson, Walter Morris, Daniel 7 February 1893
WCP5550 Wallace, William Greenell [ARW's son] 19 January 1934

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