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WCP5421 Wallace, Alfred Russel Wilson, Charles Algernon ("Algernon", "Ally") January
WCP5422 Wallace, Alfred Russel unknown correspondent
WCP5423 Veth, Pieter Johannes Haggard, Henry Rider 12 October 1870
WCP5424 Veth, Pieter Johannes Haggard, Henry Rider 25 February 1872
WCP5425 Wallace, Alfred Russel Marchant, James 1897
WCP5427 Wallace, Alfred Russel 1901
WCP5428 Wallace, Alfred Russel Carrington, J. T. 8 December 1894
WCP5429 unknown correspondent Wallace, Alfred Russel 4 May 1877
WCP5430 unknown correspondent Wallace, Alfred Russel 15 July 1905
WCP5431 Wonnacott, Thomas Wallace, Alfred Russel 11 September 1878
WCP5432 Royal Irish Academy 16 March 1908
WCP5433 Royal Dutch Geographical Society October 1883
WCP5434 Société de Géographie 22 April 1887
WCP5435 Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia January 1893
WCP5436 American Philosophical Society 18 April 1873
WCP5438 Linnean Society of New South Wales Wallace, Alfred Russel 9 June 1908
WCP5439 Asiatic Society of Bengal Wallace, Alfred Russel 19 February 1883
WCP5440 Mayor of London 28 July 1879
WCP5441 King's Bench 3 June 1792
WCP5442 unknown correspondent 1882
WCP5443 Austrian Zoological-Botanical Society 1 March 1901
WCP5444 Societas Regia Edinensis 7 November 1910
WCP5445 unknown correspondent Sims, Thomas 10 July 1862
WCP5446 Wallace, Alfred Russel Pocock, Reginald Innes 21 October 1900
WCP5447 Sims, Thomas Wallace, Alfred Russel

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