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WCP1676 Tuohy, James M. Wallace, Alfred Russel 24 December 1907
WCP1675 Wallace, Alfred Russel Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle 1909
WCP1674 unknown correspondent Wallace, Alfred Russel
WCP1673 Poynting, John Henry Wallace, Alfred Russel 19 October 1907
WCP1672 Wallace, Alfred Russel Birch, Frederick R. ("Fred") 30 December 1908
WCP1671 Wallace, Alfred Russel Wallace, William Greenell [ARW's son] 2 March 1901
WCP1670 Wallace, Alfred Russel Norris, Richard 4 October 1913
WCP1669 Wallace, Alfred Russel Norris 10 December 1912
WCP1668 Wallace, Alfred Russel Norris, Richard 15 June 1912
WCP1667 Wallace, Alfred Russel Wallace, Violet Isabel 16 July 1892
WCP1666 Wallace, Alfred Russel Littledale, H. E. 11 January 1913
WCP1664 Sharpe, J. W.
WCP1663 Estcourt, Rowland Wallace, William Greenell [ARW's son] 5 May 1914
WCP1661 Spruce, Richard Sims (née Wallace), Frances ("Fanny") 27 February 1867
WCP1659 Bates, Henry Walter Wallace (née Greenell), Mary Ann 18 October 1851
WCP1658 Bates, Henry Walter Wallace (née Greenell), Mary Ann 13 June 1851
WCP1657 Wallace, Herbert Edward ("Edward") Spruce, Richard 15 March 1850
WCP1656 Wallace, Herbert Edward ("Edward") Spruce, Richard 29 December 1850
WCP1655 Wallace (née Greenell), Mary Ann Draper 12 August 1835
WCP1654 Wallace (née Greenell), Mary Ann Wilson, Thomas 5 July 1835
WCP1651 Darwin, Charles Robert Wallace, Alfred Russel 3 November 1880
WCP1650 unknown correspondent 14 November 1908
WCP1649 Wallace, William Greenell [ARW's son] 7 November 1913
WCP1648 Wallace, Alfred Russel Sims (née Wallace), Frances ("Fanny")
WCP1647 Fisher (née Buckley), Arabella Burton Wallace (née Mitten), Annie 8 November 1913

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