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Record number: WCP788

Sent by:
Mary Ann Wallace (née Greenell)
Sent to:
Henry Walter Bates
11 May 1863

Sent by Mary Ann Wallace (née Greenell), [none given] to Henry Walter Bates [none given] on 11 May 1863.

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18 March 2011 by NHM
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LETTER (WCP788.960)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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Mr Bates

Many years have now passed without an opportunity of thanking you for your kindness to my dear Herbert1 in a foreign land -- -- accept my thanks now though late -- I have enclosed 2 pieces of writing his composition - it shews[sic] a more contemplative mind than I gave him credit for[.] I have many more written at various times but so imperfectly that it is with difficulty I have been able [[2]] to make out the meaning of many of them -- Someday I will shew[sic] you any [illeg.]ings of mostly written in his journeyings through the country -- -- Say nothing to my son Alfred he is peculiar and may not like my troubling you with things long past away[.]

Yours truly | M A Wallace2 [signature]

May 11th 1863


1. Herbert Wallace (1829-1851) ARWs younger brother

2. Mary Ann Wallace (1788-1868), ARWs mother

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