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Record number: WCP705

Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Frederick R. ("Fred") Birch
February ?1904

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Old Orchard, Broadstone, Wimborne, Dorset to Frederick R. ("Fred") Birch [none given] on February ?1904.

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18 March 2011 by NHM


More advice about Birch's proposed expeditions. There is a direct shipping line from Glasgow to the West Indies. Favours going via Trinidad.

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LETTER (WCP705.877)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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Natural History Museum
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NHM Catkey-418499
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ŠA. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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Bro[MS burned]

Feb. [MS burned]

My dear Fred

I am glad y<ou> are restored to your right [MS burned] Mr. Druce will be just as good a friend to you through an agent as direct, while it will be much better for him to have first choice from your whole collection than to have a few sets selected by you.

I went to Poole library yesterday & found in the last edition (1900) of Stanford;s Compendium, vol. on[e] "Central & S. America" a charming little one page Pap of Trinidad, which made me quite in love w<ith> [[2]] [MS burned]. I also looked [MS burned] Lloyds Shipping Register, and found that there is a Glasgow to W. Indies Direct Line. Prentice, Service & Henderson, 175, W. George Street Glasgow. They run to Barbadoes Trinidad, and Dominica[?].

As it i well to have two strings to your bow, you had better write to them for dates of sailing, & price of 2nd. class fare to Trinidad. Perhaps they have an Agent in Liverpool, you could see, <if> by showing telling them of Sir A. Jones’ offer [[3]] get a reduction. [MS burned] I am strongly of opinion [MS burned] should got to Trinidad direct[ly?] as even if you have to pay £12, you will save nothing by the Jamaica £8, as I feel sur<e> you will not get off, & on again at Jamaica for much less than £2 if any, as you may have to stay a week or more.

You will no doubt be more at your ease on a Cargo ship, [MS burned] of course there is a steward or two for the 2nd. cabin Passengers. You will also have a better chance of meeting people who know all about the Island, who also know something of the S. A[MS burned] [[4]] [MS burned] see it says in Stanford’s Compendium, that Trinidad is now the chief centre of distribution of goods to the smaller Islands & to Venezuela, the Orinosko &c. The worst is your losing another month, as they say the wet season begins in June. It is just possible that some parts of the island may be dried. If not you will have to go either to B. Guiana (to [1 word illeg.]) in July or August, or to the Orinosko if you find that there is fine weather there.

Let me hear as soon as you settle about your voyage, ship, date of sailing, &c. Did you tell Prof[essor] Poulton about going to Trinidad first?

Yours very truly | Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

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