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Record number: WCP5451

Alfred Russel Wallace
[not recorded]

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02 October 2013 by Catchpole, Caroline


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Manuscript notes in Wallace's hand. Timeline of houses he lived in as a child.

Handwritten by author in English.

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Natural History Museum
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ŠA. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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Hertford age 6 to 14


Herbert2 born at St. Andrews St. May 31st. 1829.

Eliza3 died at Old Cross -- June. 1832

4Vicarage (All Saints)

I was there alone for a month or two, when I forget. Then we all went there, had half the house -- & 2 cousins came to us for a visit, I expect while the Wilsons were preparing for Australia. I remember a Ribston Pippin apple tree in the garden, & a large Elder in the back yard, from which I made popguns5 -- Lumber room and immense box peg-top! & I think cricket bat, -- both which Miss. D. gave me to my astonishment and delight.6 [[2]]

Next House - St. - small-back 1835-6 garden large ending in River boat

G. Silk7 - in larger part next door

?left this June 1836

(Annular Eclipse of Sun.)here May 15th. 1835

8Cook the brewer took this house & built brewery at back

1836 Large House next St. Andrews Church -- --

1837 divided. -- Silk larger ours Smaller large garden with Mulberry tree.

9From old Cross to here.

Then to Miss Davies - had half house near All Saints -- 1835 -- Summer & Autumn

Family went to Hoddlesdon -- I staid [sic] a month 1837 or two alone -- winter School early morning,

10? boarder -- till went to William11 in 1834

? Went to London boarded with John at Mr. Webster's till W. ready,

? this after Old Cross. in 1834, John12 16 I about 10 [[3]]

1837 -- To Barbon13 -- ? Spring & Summer

Survey High cross

" [1837] autumn - Silsoe

? House at Xmas -- Raily?[?]

walk by Hitchin & Stevenage to Hoddlesdon ?

1838. Jan. 14th -- walk to Bedford & Turvey.

" [1838] Summer -- ? back to Silsoe

to Dunstable met Mr. Matthews.

" [1838] To Leighton Buzzard

Soulbury Survey

To London for Berkhampstead [sic] or Tring

by Railway -- ? 'Xmas [Illeg.]

1839 -- to Kington --

Sept. about --


1.This document is rather cryptic, apparently a rough recollection of ARW's early residences.

2. Wallace, Herbert Edward (1829-1851). ARW's brother.

3. Wallace, Elizabeth Greenell (1810-1832). ARW's sister.

4. A single line runs horizontally the width of the page just above this section.

5. The pith of the elder tree is easily removed, leaving a hollow tube which could be made into "pop guns".

6. This page ends with a horizontal line drawn across the width of the page.

7. Silk, George C. (1840-1892). ARW's childhood friend and lifetime correspondent. This may mark their first meeting.

8. This sentence is delineated by horizontal lines running the width of the page above and beneath it.

9. A horizontal line once again runs the width of the page just above this sentence.

10. This sentence is delineated by horizontal lines running the width of the page above and beneath it.

11. This could refer to ARW's brother William Greenell (1809-1945), who would have been 25 at the time.

12. Wallace, John (1818-1895). ARW's brother.

13. Although the text appears to read "Barbon" it could actually be "Barton," since the town of Barton, near Cambridge, is in general proximity to the other residences listed unlike Barbon, which is in Cumbria far to the north.

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