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Record number: WCP5298

Sent by:
Charles Robert Darwin
Sent to:
Joseph Dalton Hooker
13 July 1858

Sent by Charles Robert Darwin, [none given] to Joseph Dalton Hooker [none given] on 13 July 1858.

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17 May 2013 by Chillingworth, Nancy


Darwin comments that Hooker's letter to Wallace is perfect and that he has forwarded it to Wallace along with one from himself. Darwin states he had resigned himself to giving up priority regarding evolution by natural selection to Wallace but for influence from Lyell and Hooker.

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LETTER (WCP5298.5842)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Cambridge University Library
Finding number:
MS DAR 114: 242, 242a
Copyright owner:
©William H. Darwin

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[illeg.] <Wadswons?>


<John D Walk?>

13th July 1858

My dear Hooker,

your letter to Wallace seems to <be?> perfect, quite clear & <just?> <courteous?>. I do not think it could possibly be unfound & I have <soley?> forwarded it with a letter of my own. -- I always thought it very possible <that?> I might be forstalled, have I fancied that I have grand enough <soul?> not t[o] care; have I [[2]] found myself mistaken & punished; I had, however, quite missed myself & had written half a letter to Wallace to give up an[imal] prints to him & <jh?>? Certainly not have changed had it not been for <Wells?>' & your quite extrordinary kindness. I ofour[sic] you I feel it, & shall not forget it. I am much <more?> than satisfied at what <trust?> place [illeg.] for I had thought [[3]] that your letters & mine as a <group?> wrote to be as an assential[sic.] to Wallace's paper. -- We go from being a few days to sea--life, <parting?> tide of <wight?> & on my ventures (after a battle with Tigers, [illeg.]) I will set to work at <abothed?>, though how on earth I, <will?> make anything of <abothed?> in 30 <here?> of <Justed?> I know not, but will try my best. I shall when <Beethoven?> is it [[4]] such a pity that your in? Waste time in <laboriously?> <ven?>; for I can get it Down <?> to do it on my <return?> & can lets you able [illeg].

I much try to see you before your journey; but do not think that I am going to ask you come to Down, for you will have no time for that.

You cannot imaginge how pleased I am that the [[5]] notion of Natural Selection has acted as a <?> on yours <bowels?> of inclusivity. Whenvever inclusivity can look at species changing for certain what a magnificent field with be <after?>, -- and also the laws of <Venetian?>-- are the generally of all iving beings, -- or their <lives?> of variyation[sic.] per se. They thank John Hooker for his very kind little note [[6]] & pray say how truly <obliged?> I am, & in truth ashamed to think, that the <ih?>? Here had to think of copying my ugly M[anuscript]. It was & extraordinaryly[sic] kind and her. --

Farewell my dear kind friend--| Yours Always| C. Darwin [signature]

I have had some fun here in watching [[7]] a <slave?> -- making out, for I could not help rather <doutbting?> the wonderful stories, but I have no seem a defeated matanding[sic] <partly?>, & I have seen a variyation[sic] from one <wah?> to another of it slow-wakers[sic] , carrying their slaves( who are house & not field niggers) in their mouths!

I am <excited?> to think there it is a true generation that when hung is <seated?> [[8]] at one point it circle of [illeg], if it [illeg] bends it always bends with <like?> of <gangway?> to the <king?>. -- The Lack for is good [illeg] in ex to Columbians[sic].-- if you think of it, just attend to this with forward. --

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