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Record number: WCP5295

Sent by:
Charles Robert Darwin
Sent to:
Joseph Dalton Hooker
19 December 1879

Sent by Charles Robert Darwin, Down House, Beckenham, Kent, S.E. to Joseph Dalton Hooker [none given] on 19 December 1879.

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17 May 2013 by Chillingworth, Nancy


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LETTER (WCP5295.5839)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Cambridge University Library
Finding number:
MS DAR 95: 494-5
Copyright owner:
©William H. Darwin

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Dec. 19th [18]79

My dear Hooker.

I am greatly in debted to you. Your letter is conclusive & I quite agree. I thought any of Wallace's [illeg.] & of [illeg.] his service to nat[ural] history, & while you say about spiritualism & <exploring?> about the bet, never once crossed my mind.-- What a mistake & <nigh?> I it? <There?> made [[2]] had I not compelled you. -- I am, however, very sorry & must write to Miss. B. There I can do nothing. Once again I thank you <much?> truly.

Ever yours| Ch[arles] Darwin [signature]

[[3]] P.S. Please Thank Dryer for me for this-- These of the edition are a treasure to me. My work must & I have torn end, otherwise you & Dryer will wish me dead & buried as a Sir say than semi than sure of [2 words illeg.], had I <&?> <noble?> whether they are life?

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