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Record number: WCP5293

Sent by:
Charles Robert Darwin
Sent to:
Joseph Dalton Hooker
20 December 1880

Sent by Charles Robert Darwin, Down House, Beckenham, Kent, S.E. to Joseph Dalton Hooker [none given] on 20 December 1880.

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17 May 2013 by Chillingworth, Nancy


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LETTER (WCP5293.5837)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Cambridge University Library
Finding number:
MS DAR 95: 507-8
Copyright owner:
©William H. Darwin

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Beckenham, Kent.

Railway Station

Orpincton. S.E.R.

Dec[cember] 20 [18]80

My dear Hooker1

I send the certificate for your signature, & I hope & believe that your adopted child will not disgrace you. Please ask Dyer2 whether he will be so kind as to back up Frank3.

The memorial for Wallace has just started on its rounds for [[2]]4 your old envelope will have to return to the certificate [[3]] signature & has met with a most cordial reception in to his first cases. I have thought of keeping your name rather low down, so as to end a short list with a flourish. Ever my dear Hooker.

Yours affec[tionately]

Ch[arles] Darwin [signature]


1. Hooker, Joseph Dalton (1817-1911); botanist

2. Dyer, Sir William Turner Thiselton- (1843-1928); botanist

3. Darwin, Francis "Frank" (1848-1925); botanist and son of Charles Darwin

4. The second page interrupts the message, which continued on page three from page one.

5. Darwin, Charles (1809-1882); naturalist and author of On the Origin of Species


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