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Record number: WCP5214

Alfred Russel Wallace
3 June 1912

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15 March 2013 by Catchpole, Caroline


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Wallace's contribution to The Modern Historic Records Association.

Handwritten in English.

Held by:
The New York Public Library
Finding number:
Alfred Russel Wallace miscellaneous file. Manuscripts and Archives Division.
Copyright owner:
ŠA. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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The Modern Historic Records Association

From "The Wonderful Century" 1st. Ed[ition]. p[age]. 313

"The teaching of the whole of the evidence is in one direction...that vaccination is a gigantic delusion; that it has never been the cause of so much disease, so many deaths, such a vast amount of utterly needless and altogether undeserved suffering, that it will be classed by the 'coming generation amoung the greatest errors of an ignorant and prejudiced age, and its feral enforcement; the foulest blot on the generally beneficent course of legislation during our century."

Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

June 3rd. 1902

Copyright 1913 by The modern Historic Roecords Association


The original parchment, from which this full-size reprodction has been taken, is on file in the archvies of The Modern Historic Records Association, New York.

Member's No. 147 Parchment Record No. 4.

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