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Record number: WCP5128

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Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Robert Peel Glanville Blatchford
1 November 1896

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset to Robert Peel Glanville Blatchford [none given] on 1 November 1896.

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04 March 2013 by Catchpole, Caroline


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Wallace, Alfred Russel. (1900). [Letter to "Nunquam," on the death of "The Bounder"]. The Clarion(447): 205. [p. 205]

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[[1]]1 [p. 205]

Parkstone, Dorset,

Nov. 1st, 1896.

My dear Nunquam,--I cannot refrain from sending you a line to express the sense of personal loss which I, and doubtless thousands of Clarion readers, feel at the sad and sudden death of The Bounder. To you, who knew him so well, the loss must be a terrible one; but we all, who read week by week his delightfully fresh and joyous and humorous utterances, feel also as if we had lost a friend. His writings were in many respects unique and unapproachable, more especially the descriptions of his walks in various parts of England and France; and I hope that these will be collected in a volume, to serve as a memorial of him. When I first became a reader of the Clarion his walks on the East Coast of England were appearing, and I was astonished at the altogether unstudied art which made this rather monotonous district so full of beauty and of human interest.

With my deepest sympathy for the loss the Clarion Board and the cause of Socialism have suffered,--Yours, &c.,

Alfred R. Wallace.


1. Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: A letter printed on page 205 of the 30 June 1900 issue of The Clarion (London).


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