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Record number: WCP510

Sent by:
W. A. Davidson
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
29 December 1911

Sent by W. A. Davidson, Glen-Shee, Uxbridge, London to Alfred Russel Wallace [address not recorded] on 29 December 1911.

Record created:
01 June 2002 by Lucas, Paula J.


Re. Wallace's letter to "The Times" on the Insurance Act.

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LETTER (WCP510.510)

A typical letter  .

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Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM WP1/8/39
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the W. A. Davidson Literary Estate.

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29 Jan Dec[ember] 1911

Dear Sir,

In your letter in today's "Times" you give your blessing to the Insurance Act. Will you kindly give me your opinion as to how this, and similar acts, will work and in relation to the ordinary worker. Let me give a case near this. A large bakery, employing over 500 hands, will have to pay £325 per annum towards [[2]] the insurance of the employés [sic]. Of course they will wish to be recomped for this expenditure & it will mean a lower wage or an increased price of the loaf. The former would mean strikes & unrest, the latter move hardship for the poor, -- in fact they will have to pay the master portion of the insurance. At least [[3]] that is how it strikes me.

If it is not too much trouble I should be very much obliged for your opinion on this most important matter.

Yours faithfully | & with great respect & best wishes for a happy new year | W. A. Davidson [signature]

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