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Record number: WCP5095

Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Edvard Alexander Westermarck
14 May 1899

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset to Edvard Alexander Westermarck [none given] on 14 May 1899.

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21 February 2013 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP5095.5588)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English.

Held by:
Åbo Akademi University Library
Finding number:
Manuscript collections, Westermarck, Edvard, vol XXXII
Copyright owner:
©A. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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Parkstone, Dorset.

May 14th. 1899

Dear Mr. Westermarck1

I shall have very much pleasure in signing the petition to the Czar. The Finnish petition is admirable and I hope a copy will be appended to the English petition in case the Czar has never seen it. Would it [MS cut out] to add, [MS cut out] after (22nd [MS cut out] <w>hich is appended " -- and to the copy, in English, have annexed a certificate of correct translation. I can [[2]] hardly believe the Czar has seen it, or the incongruity of his "peace proposals" with this gross example of military despotism must have struck him.

Wishing every success to the petition

Believe me | Yours very truly [MS cut out; presumed signature]

P.S. A perhaps more glaring inconsistency between principles & acts is the American [[3]] war of conquest against the unoffending Filipinos!

A.R.W. [signature]

Alfred R. Wallace2

[[4]] not be well therefore to add, in 7th line of petition after (22nd February) "a copy of which3


1. Edvard Alexander Westermarck (1862-1939), Finnish anthropologist and sociologist.

2. This line is written in the hand of someone other than Alfred Russel Wallace.

3. The text on the fourth page is written in the hand of someone other than Alfred Russel Wallace, and is presumably meant to fill in the missing portion of text on the first page.

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