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Record number: WCP5043

Sent by:
Swan Sonnenschein & Co.
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
16 May 1898

Sent by Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London to Alfred Russel Wallace Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset on 16 May 1898.

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13 February 2013 by Szentgyorgyi, Katherine


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LETTER (WCP5043.5517)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
University of Reading Special Collections
Finding number:
MS3280 Letter Book 30 - 1st July 1897 to 11th July 1898 p. 821
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Swan Sonnenschein & Co. Literary Estate.

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16' May [189]82

Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace,

Dear Sir,

We always read[?] all notices of books carefully pasted[?] into portfolios here, for authors' & our own reference. If any important ones appear, we shall be happy to send them to you in duplicate, but we do not consent [1 word illeg.] to purchase copies of all reviews unless the guinea is paid to us. Such reviews often cost us thirty shillings.

Yours very truly3


1. In the bottom-right of page one of the manuscript, the number "821" has been printed vertically for an unknown purpose.

2. The set of letters with the WCP numbers WCP5041 to WCP5046 and WCP5048 were most likely written in 1898, as this is the year that The Wonderful Century and Vaccination were both published by Swan, Sonnenschein & Co.

3. This manuscript was written by the British publishing company Swan Sonnenschein & Co., founded by William Swan Sonnenschein in 1882. It is one in a series of letters, with the WCP numbers WCP5041 to WCP5046 and WCP5048, written from Swan Sonnenschein & Co. to A.R.W. It is unclear whether William personally wrote this letter.

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