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Record number: WCP4858

Sent by:
unknown correspondent
Sent to:
Daniel Coit Gilman
9 December 1886

Sent by unknown correspondent, [address not recorded] to Daniel Coit Gilman, [John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA] on 9 December 1886.

Record created:
14 November 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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ENCLOSURE (WCP4858.5258)

An enclosure handwritten in English.

Written in an unknown hand and sent to D. C. Gilman, a note entitled "Concluding Passage of Mr. Wallace's Lecture on Darwinism", with author's comments on the lecture at the end.

Held by:
Special Collections, The John Hopkins University
Finding number:
Daniel Coit Gilman Papers, Ms. 1, Box 1.50
Copyright owner:
Not in copyright
Image credit:
Courtesy of Special Collections, The John Hopkins University

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