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26 October 2012 by Beccaloni, George


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Six pages of handwritten notes from the blank front endpapers of a 1723 prayer-book, which had been owned by A. R. Wallace's grandfather. It has been passed down through the Wallace family and is still owned by them. The notes give dates of births and deaths (etc) of ARW's close relatives and are in more than one hand.

Handwritten in English.

Held by:
Wallace Family Collection
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Copyright of the Literary Estate.

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Children of Alfred Russel Wallace and annie Wallace (daughter of William Mitten) Violet Isabel Wallace Born June 25th 1869 (6. Am) Died September 7th 1945 at Sevenoaks Kent. William Greenell Wallace. Born December 30th 1871 (9—9:30 pm) Herbert S Wallace Born June 22 1867 (7:30 am) Died at Hurstpierpoint 187[4?] [a double line crosses the page at this point perhaps denoting a new generation in birth/death records] Elizabeth Anne, daughter of William greenell and Eliza[beth] Carr Wallace born, same day (9 p.m.) 1920 died Jan[uary]. 3. 1921buried at Kinson Dorset Alfred John Russel, son of Wm sic[William] Greenell & Eliz[beth] Carr Wallace on Mar[ch] .6. (7. AM) 1922 Richard Russel Wallace, son of Wm sic[William] Greenell Wallace and Elizabeth Carr Wallace born Jan[uary] 13th 1924.


Annie Wallace (nu[?] Mitten) wife of Alfred Russel Wallace born Feb[ruary] 12th 1846 died1 Dec[ember] 10th 1914 2 [rest of page is illegible due to fading that has made the paper appear almost blank]


William Greenell son of William and Elizabeth Wallace Born may the 17th and baptized June y 2 1770 died 16 Aug[ust] aged 3 months3 Born at 2 o clock in the morning. Thomas Vere Wallace son of William and Elizabeth Wallace born Juneh y 20th half baptized 23 July Hole Baptized 23rd July Born at 8 O Clock in the morning [line drawn across page at this point] T.V.W Died at hoddesdon Ap[ril] 24 1843 intered in the family vault (May 5th) in St. Andrew's church –yard Hartford—


Elizabeth Martha Daughter of Thomas Vere and Mary--Ann Wallace born January 30th and baptized march 11 1808 died September 7th 1808 Buried Sept[ember] 13th at the Alphege London wall in the Church [at this point a horizontal line appears] William Greenell son of [left marginal comment "died"] Tho[mas] Vere and Mary Ann Wallace born Jan[uary] 23rd [left marginal comment "1845" same pen as previous marginal comment] baptized February 21 1809 in the parish of St. Mary lebone. Elizabeth Greenell Daughter of Thomas Vere and Mary Ann Wallace born Aug 3d. baptized at May Lebone Church Aug[ust] 29. 1810. Died June 134 1832 buried at St. Mary's <<>>


Frances Daughter of Thomas Vere and Mary Ann Wallace born June 24th 1812 half baptized July 17th at Mary Lebone churche [sic church] the baptism was completed there Sept[ember] 29th. 1812 Died Sept[ember] 14th 1893 Married to Tho[mas]'s [son?] in 1849 [marginal comment] buried in the [writing obscured by the page fold in the book] [Horizontal line across the page at this point.] Mary Ann Daughter of Thomas Vere and Mary Ann Wallace born March 20th 1814 half baptized April 20th at infield church and the baptism completed there August 24th 1814, Died Nov[ember] 20 1822 Buried March 26th in [Saint adock?] Church. [horizontal line] daughter of Thomas Vere and Mary Ann Wallace born June 29th 1816 and baptized May 24th 1816 at Mary Bone Church Died Jan[uary] 23d 1822 buried Jan[uary] 30 in the church yard of Saint Adock [last line on page obscured by Wallace water mark, and fading of inc]


John son of Thomas Vere & Mary Ann Wallace born July 30th 1818 half baptized Aug[ust] 28th at St. George the martyr queen square and the baptism completed [text from a later date identified by new pen, ] Died March 26th 1895Stockton California there Jany [January +y ?] 20th 1819. [horizontal line] Alfred Russel son of Tho [sic Thomas] & Mary Ann Wallace born Jan[uary] 18th 1823, half baptized Jan[uary] 19th. The baptism competed at saint adock church <<>> July 16th 1823 died November 7th at Broadstone. [horizontal line] Herbert Edward Son of T.V [Thomas Verer] Wallace and & M.A Wallace born may 31 1829. Half baptized June 22nd. Completed December 3d 1829 at St. Andrew's church Died at Para Brazil of Yellow fever June 1851.


1.This passage is written in blue ink, but at this point "died" is underlined in black ink and below it in black ink a "g" appears and below that the number 4 or the letter H. These marks appear to be made after the fact and bear some unknown meaning.

2. Under this section a line appears to denote a separate section, two more such lines are visible on the page however the words that fill these remaining three sections are impossible to read due to fading.

3. Death date is written between the lines in pencil which is why it appears before the time of birth.

4. Elizabeth died on the 13th which was a Wednesday and not Friday the 13th.

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