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Record number: WCP4760

Sent by:
Henry Walter Bates
Sent to:
Philip Henry ("Henry") Gosse
20 February 1860

Sent by Henry Walter Bates, [none given] to Philip Henry ("Henry") Gosse [none given] on 20 February 1860.

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03 October 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP4760.5122)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
Finding number:
Gosse Collection
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Henry Walter Bates Literary Estate.
Record scrutiny:
06/05/2014 - Benny, Ruth;

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My Dear Sir,

Accept my thanks for the beautiful present you have made me & the warm welcome which you made me on my return to Eng[land].1 You ask me whether I am likely to go out again. I have no intention at present of doing so. Eleven years of tropical residence & travel devoted to one pursuit is a sufficient portion of life to be so spent. I have amassed an extensive private coll[ection]. & intend to devote at least some years to the study of the species with a view to publishing an ‘Insect Fauna’ of the Amazon valley. With regard to the other topic mentioned in your very kind letter: I must assure you that I think I have pursued & still do pursue the invest[igation]. of the wonderful & beautiful creatures that people the earth with a spirit of humility admiration & reverence. There will be difference of opinion between us I have no doubt on more matters of undemonstrable dogmatic theology, but in the more essential points of true religious feeling & spirit, I hope in any thing I may hereafter write & publish to continue & increase The good opinion you appear to have of me.

HWB [signature]


1. Return from an expedition to the Amazon rainforest, 1848-1859.

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