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Record number: WCP4639

Sent by:
William Greenell [ARW's son] Wallace
Sent to:
Edward Bagnall Poulton
2 November 1923

Sent by William Greenell [ARW's son] Wallace, Doveshill Cottage, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth, Hampshire to Edward Bagnall Poulton [none given] on 2 November 1923.

Record created:
26 July 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


Re. proofs of the obituary for his father, with notes attached.

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LETTER (WCP4639.4953)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Hope Entomological Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Finding number:
ARW 236
Copyright owner:
©Wallace Family

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Doveshill Cottage Ensbury Park Bournemouth

Old Orchard,



Nov 2nd 1923

Dear Professor Poulton

It was very kind of you to send me the proofs of your obituary notice of my father, and especially for giving me permission to suggest any alteration which I think will improve it. I have read it through several times and have marked in pencil such typographical errors or omissions as I have noticed.

With the exception of two passages I like it very much and I think [[2]] it is excellently done. I do not think the two omissions [see Notes A & B] which I suggest will detract from its value at all, in fact I believe they will enhance it, and I think my fathers heresies will appear in truer perspective in relation to his scientific work. I trust in any case that you will believe my criticisms are made in the friendliest spirit.

With kind regards, Yours sincerely, W. G. Wallace [signature]

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