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Edward Bagnall Poulton
[not recorded]

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26 July 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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List of letters from Wallace to Poulton 1896-1913.

Handwritten in English.

Held by:
Hope Entomological Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
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ARW 235
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©Robin Edward Poulton

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E.B. Poultons letters from A.R.Wallace 1896-1913

May 12 1896 Corrections of proofs of Darwin book. Examination papers: last (Sci Soc) paper he expects to read "on June 18th"at Linnean

[in margin] See Book 22 d 129

Dec 2 1896 In my copy of Darwin: On the book on Galtons idea an exp[erimenta]l Farm at Down.

Added Apr 13/1923 Jan. 16 1897 Delighted to sign Lloyd Morgans Cert for RS: "Splendid book on Instinct"

2 [circled] June 13 1897. Denudation & Deposition. Pritchard: refers to Weismann

1 [circled] Feb 14 1897. Denudation & Deoposition.

Jan. 27. 1898 [illeg?] Sec of Roy. Soc. Re Ll Morgans Cert.

Feb. 13. 1898. On my Linn. Soc. Paper. 1898

July 3. 1898. My Review of Müller v Watten[illeg?]

May 28 1900. Objections to sign a paper re BM.

July 29 1900. Corrections for P. Corylodera.

[[2]] Feb 23 1903 Date of birth. Jan. 8 1823. Garden. "You will not care about"

May 31 1903 C. album. New house. astronomical book

Jul 20 1903. Birch.

Jul 24 1903. Visit + Hilda & F Birch.

Nov 27. 1903 C. album preferred to colour adjustmt. Birch.

Dec. 3. 1903 My papers: Membracidae: Papers given to me: Birch.

Dec. 7. 1903 Birch.

Dec 10. 1903. Photos: print in "Black white" Elliott Fry. This is "the best of me yet as I am now." "Wak wak" birds.

Dec 13 1903. MSS on photos

Feb 28 1904. Address [I?] to Brit. Soc: Long discussion on cross-fertilization. Darwins letter. Birch.

Aug 5 1904. Mutation miserable abortion. F.A.D. too mild.

Apr. 5. 1905. Address: 2nd to Ent. Soc. II F. Birch very long on him.

Sept. 28 1906. Nearly all Birch. Papilio rex dardanum Garden.

Oct. 12 1906. All on Birch & his prospects

Dec 19 1906. p.c. Signature of R.S. candidate. Garden.

[[3]] Jul 16 1907 Birch. W.L. Tower. Continental opinion!

Jul 27 1907 Mendelism mutation. Birch.

Aug 10 1907. My Malay localities. Birch.

Sept 10 1907. visit on "Thursday". Birch.

Nov. 25. 1907. proofs of Essays. Mendelism & Mut[atio]n v. N.S.Defensive Protective. Memoranda on proof.

Dec. 18. 1907 on Introduction to my Essays. Importance of Mendelism less than Galtons law. Evolution character in Fortnightly for Jan 1908 with conclusion unpopular. "Spruce" book.

Dec. 24. 1907. Reply to answer to criticism of argument on p.xxxiv or "xxxix". Birch.

Feb. 16. 1908 F.A.D. refusal to write.

Nov. 6 1908 Copley medal: Bedrock1. Hübrecht & such critics. His R.I. lecture & inspiration. cP. see also his Linn. Soc. address. July 1. 1908.

Nov 2nd 1908 Declines Bedrock: views about Nature: refers to future. R.I. lecture & Mut[atio]n[ism] Mendelism & Hübrecht.

Dec. 2. 1908 Copley Medal. Lectures R.I.

[[4]] Jan 26 1909. B.M. with W. Rothschild. Castnia. Darwin celebration "Dislike of ceremonial". Lecture at R.I. & [illeg] to a book.

Jan 27 1909. Miss Pascoe.

Jan 28. 1909. Miss Pascoe. "Many happy returns (and lots of work) of your birthday". Castnia. overwhelmed.

Feb 25 1909. Miss Pascoe. R.I. lecture to Book. Mutationism & Mendelism "smash up". Times article on Darwinian Centenary. also american silly opinion on NS.

Mch. 1. 1909. Mutationists v Darwinism E.R.L. R. Soc[y?]

Mch. 11. 1909 Miss Pascoe. Birch.

Apr. 27. 1909. Garden & Miss Pascoe.

Oct. 24. 1909. Dedication of my book -- eye trouble. my family.

Nov. 22. 1909. My Darwin Book: contra Bateson &c; explan[atio]n of views on permanent oceanic areas etc.

May 12. 1910. Birch. Baldwin & Organic evolution. = selection. Importance of N.S.

Mch. 13. 1911. F.Birch [illeg] Alpine garden.

Aug. 23. 1911. Visit to him with J. Garden alpine: Garden.

Sept 12. 1911. Visit.

[[5]] May.28. 1912. on Darwin & Bergson &c comp[ariso]n with his own views on Fabre.

Nov. 12. 1912. Two books "war-news must be read".

Jan. 18 1913, From A.R.W. to B.R. Miller Returned. Re Sleeper pamphlet.

April 2 1913. Letter published in Linn. Soc. Proc.

June 3 1913. Belief in Sleeper.

* June 22 1913. Not his mss only letters signed in the same clear firm hand. enclosing [deletion] letter to Miller.

T=54+1 Since May 12 1896

Birch begins Jul 20 1903 after [last? that?] 43 letters incl[udin]g Jul[y] 20

17 letters [illeg]


1. Bedrock was the name of a short-lived journal founded by E. B. Poulton and others.

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