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Record number: WCP462

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Sent by:
Fred R. Birch
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
14 February 1910

Sent by Fred R. Birch, Theophilo Ottoni, Brazil to Alfred Russel Wallace Old Orchard, Broadstone, Dorset on 14 February 1910.

Record created:
18 July 2011 by Beccaloni, George


Re. Alfred Russel Wallace's letter to Dr Huber; lack of information on insect collecting opportunities in Para, suspects trade rivalry; plans to leave Brazil after two and a half years there, details of repeated theft and loss of packages in the mails and his valuable hand-made collecting case sent from Tring by Dr Jordan at Bahia customs house; misunderstanding with Mr May over house rent and purchase of collections; surprise at news of A M Moss collecting in the Andes; butterflies sent to Tring made £53.12.00 but cannot trust beetle collection to a carrier, is making boxes for them; plans to go to British Guiana and collect on the Demerara or Berbice rivers, cannot afford to go to the Andes because of responsibility for Mary and Elsie [wife and child]; disagrees with Alfred Russel Wallace's views on labour and intellect, quotes Thoreau and from an Alfred Russel Wallace letter; necessity of broad study and experience of life, nobility of agricultural labour; admires some articles in the N.A. (?New Age?).; Green paper envelope (stamp torn off) addressed to Alfred Russel Wallace at Broadstone, postmarked on the front Theophilo Ottoni 20 Feb 1910 and on the back Ambula Rio de Janeiro [2 21] 1910, Diamantina (date illegible) and Wimborne 20 Mar (1910); annotated on the front in Alfred Russel Wallace's hand "Recd. Mar 20th 1910 | Rio or B. Guiana! Written Feby 1910".; Birch, Frederick R, fl 1897-1910; Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913; Huber, [indecipherable], fl 1910; Jordan, Heinrich Ernst Karl, 1861-1959; Moss, A M, fl 1910; May, [indecipherable], fl 1910; Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862; New Age, The, 1907-1922

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ENVELOPE (WCP462.1475)

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NHM WP1/6/3(2)
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