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Record number: WCP436

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Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Violet Isabel Wallace
12 February 1887

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Washington D.C. to Violet Isabel Wallace Nutwood Cottage, Frith Hill, Godalming on 12 February 1887.

Record created:
06 August 2011 by Beccaloni, George


Enclosing press cuttings (not present) apparently reporting a social occasion hosted by spiritualist Mrs Hooker, sister of Henry Ward Beecher and Mrs Beecher Stowe, at which Alfred Russel Wallace was introduced to about 50 people; lectures to local Anthropological societies; lack of paying lectures, if none booked in California will not be able to afford to go there as fare is £50; only two forthcoming engagements in Canada; spending time visiting Museums and libraries and writing for American newspapers and for Harris; expense of hotel; changeable weather; detailed description of the "most beautiful" Capitol building and comparison with British House of Commons; instructions to send letters via agent Williams; hopes Violet is reading and studying well.

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ENVELOPE (WCP436.1497)

Stamped envelope addressed to Miss Wallace at Frith Hill, Godalming and postmarked on the front Washington 14 Feb 1887and on the back New York (date illegible) 1887 and Godalming 25 Feb 1887.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM WP1/5/17(2)
Copyright owner:
©A. R. Wallace Literary Estate
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©Trustees of The Natural History Museum



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