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Record number: WCP4310

Sent by:
Henry Norton Shaw
Sent to:
John Wodehouse
16 February 1854

Sent by Henry Norton Shaw, [none given] to John Wodehouse Foreign Office on 16 February 1854.

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03 July 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP4310.4438)

A transcription handwritten by other in English.

Held by:
Royal Geographical Society
Finding number:
Letter Book Nov 1850 - Nov 1859 f.127
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Henry Norton Shaw Literary Estate.

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Feb[ruary]: 16th 1854

Foreign Office

Lord Wodehouse

My Lord,

With reference to your Lordships letter of yesterday stating that H. M. Government would defray the expense of Mr. Wallaces passage to Australia in one of the Mail Packets, I have to inform your Lordships that Mr. Wallace will at once accept Lord Clarendons kind offer, which he hopes will include his servant lad, who was by the permission of the Lords of the Admiralty allowed to accompany him on board HMS "Frolic" and "Juno".

It will be in your Lordships recollection that the original application by Sir R. Murchison to the Earl of Clarendon in favour of Mr. Wallaces scientific exploration of the Indian Archipelago made on the 27th of July last, was for a free passage to Singapore to which place it is still Mr. Wallaces intention to proceed as soon as possible.

The offer of a free passage to Australia in HMS Frolic was accepted, as your Lordships will recollect, because none of H.M Ships were at the time proceeding to Singapore.

Mr. Wallace would therefore feel greatly obliged if through your Lordships kind consideration he might be granted as soon as practicable a passage with his assistant direct to Singapore instead of Australia.

I have the honor[sic] to remain &c. | Norton Shaw. Sec. R.G.S. [signature]


1. This is a handwritten transcript of the original letter sent by Shaw, recorded in the Royal Geographical Societys Letter Book Nov 1850 – Nov 1859.

Please note that work on this transcript is not yet complete. Users are advised to study electronic image(s) of this document, if available.