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Record number: WCP4179

Sent by:
Anna M. Jarvis
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
18 November 

Sent by Anna M. Jarvis, 1 Ethelbert Road, Birchington Bay, Thanet to Alfred Russel Wallace [none given] on 18 November .

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05 April 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP4179.4201)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

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Edinburgh University Library
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Copyright of the Anna M. Jarvis Literary Estate.

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1, Ethelbert Road,

Birchington Bay,


November 18th1

Dear Sir

I hope you will not be annoyed at my writing-- I really know it is a great piece of presumption on my part. But I have just finished your most interesting book "My Life"2 & only wish there was yet another vol[ume] to go on with [[2]] it was so enjoyable-- But the reason I am writing is, I am an old friend of the late Revd H M Flower’s[?]-- & by his advice looked into Spiritualism. I became most interested in it & worked quietly till I had proof positive that I was in touch with a very old friend of ours Dr James Aveling3 of Wimpole Street-- who had died about [[3]] three years before-- First came his automatic writing, then I became clairvoyant, & then clairaudient & now I can think to him with the

greatest ease. The writing came in his own hand-- & thought as you knew Mr Flowers, and the Dr was a friend of his also, that you might like to see a little pamphlet that I wrote for him4-- he wanted it for a few old friends & patients [[4]] especially for an old friend going abroad-- & it was brought out in a great hurry-- & although I took great care in correcting the proofs-- It is full of [one word illegible] errors, making it almost incoherent at times. But still I thought you might like to see it. Please do not think of troubling to acknowledge it. But as I am looked upon by so many of my friends as a [one word illegible] of Witch, or mad, or bad [[5]] it was a real comfort to read & pass on to them your opinion of the subject.

Again wishing I have not annoyed you by writing.

I am dear Sir | Faithfully yours | Anna M. Jarvis. [signature]


1. Wallace’s My Life was not published until 1905, hence the letter will have been written in 1905 or later.

2. Alfred Russel Wallace, My Life: a Record of Events and Opinions, 2 vols. (London: Chapman & Hall, 1905).

3. James Hobson Aveling (1828-1892). British physician who did a lot of work in women’s medical care in Sheffield and London.

4. Anna M. Jarvis and James Hobson Aveling, A Few Words on Spiritualism (1902). This was published in May 1902 purportedly by James Hobson Aveling. It was in a copy of this that this letter was inserted by Wallace.

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