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Record number: WCP4177

Sent by:
John K. Wilson
Sent to:
Alfred Russel Wallace
6 December 1901

Sent by John K. Wilson, [address not recorded] to Alfred Russel Wallace, [Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset] on 6 December 1901.

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05 April 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP4177.4199)

A typical letter typewritten  in English and signed by author.

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Edinburgh University Library
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Copyright of the John K. Wilson Literary Estate.

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J. K. Wilson

Attorney at Law

Bradford, Pa. U.S.A.

December 6th. 1901.

Professor Alfred Russel Wallace.

Dorset, England.

Dear Sir:

Havi[ng] read your writings in the press, and some of your books, and thus knowing the trend of your mind on various topics, I take the liberty of sending to you under separate cover a book, entitled, "Death: The Meaning and result,"1 of which I am the author. It is the record of my experience in my investigations along lines of the occult, relating occurrences which prove beyond doubt that the so called dead are very much alive, and their power to prove that fact, under certain conditions, to mortals.

The spirit-experiences recorded in the book are so marvellous that many to whom I am a stranger will doubt the truth of the statements, and my being an entire stranger to you, I also send to you a newspaper, in which, to some extent, is a review of the book, by Rev. Moses Hull2, which was unsolicited by me, which will inform you who I am and something of my status along lines of veracity.

You will observe, if you read the book, that what was accomplished in spirit telegraphy is truly wonderful, and that the power of resistance to spirit communication on the Earth side of life can be practically overcome, and not for a power of resistance emanating from the spirit side, a free and uninterupted intercommunication could be established between Earth and the spirit world. This is a strange statement, but I know it to be a true one, being as conversant with this fact as any other fact in Nature. I hope you may find time to read the book, and that you will accept the book in the same spirit it is forwarded to you.

Very truly yours, | John K. Wilson [signature]


1. John K. Wilson, Death: The Meaning and Result (Lily Dale, NY: Sunflower Publishing Co., 1901). It is within this work that Wallace had inserted this letter.

2. Moses Hull (1836-1907). Seventh-day Adventist Church minister and Spiritualist. From the mid-1860s he began to promote a ‘Christian Spiritualism’. He also campaigned for women’s rights as well as further rights for workers.

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