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Record number: WCP412

Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Annie Wallace (née Mitten)
7 July 1895

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Hotel de Balances, Lucerne, Switzerland to Annie Wallace (née Mitten) Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset on 7 July 1895.

Record created:
01 June 2002 by Lucas, Paula J.


Re. arrival and journey with her father (William Mitten) by steamer and train, food, and plans to go on to Stangerbourn; her father's health.

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LETTER (WCP412.412)

A postcard handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Natural History Museum
Finding number:
NHM WP1/4/6
Copyright owner:
©A. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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Hotel de Balances, Lucerne

Sunday Morning

Arrived at 11.30 last night. Off to the Staugerhorn now, instead of Pilatus. Good journey on [the] whole. Very Comfortable carriages & only 3 other people 1 gentleman & two ladies, very quiet. The struggle for places at Bale [was] the worst. The chicken was splendid, & I made tea at 4 oclock. Up to Bale we were quite fresh, & today feel quite well. The breakfast at Brussels was wretched for 2/- cold milk,-- & poor ham & eggs! Luckily I got a good couch on steamer & dozed a little. Your father was on deck mostly. Then we dozed a good bit on the train, so got fairly rested on the whole. I think we shall leave here tomorrow, but am not sure yet. Have not seen much yet of the mountains, but I think I saw Pilatus half clouded.

Adieu | Yours affectionately | Alfred [signature]

Tell your Ma your Pa says he is no worse than usual, but he looks much better today than when we started.1


1. Postscript in left-hand margin.

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