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Record number: WCP4068

Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Samuel Stevens
5 October 1858

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Ternate Island, Moluccas, [Indonesia] to Samuel Stevens 24 Bloomsbury Street, London, W. on 5 October 1858.

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11 September 2012 by Beccaloni, George


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ENCLOSURE (WCP4068.5013)

An enclosure handwritten in English.

Handwritten instructions by Wallace entitled "Directions for collecting in the Tropics by A. R. Wallace for Mr. H. Squires" sent to Samuel Stevens.

Held by:
Cambridge University Library
Finding number:
MS Dar 270, 1:2
Copyright owner:
ŠA. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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Notes for Mr. Foxcroft from A[.]R. Wallace

To Collect Insects successfully in the Tropics you must get close to or in the true virgin forest -- If possible get a patch of forest cleared & a hut put up to live in -- you will then get double the collections in the same time, on the trees cut down & drying near your house you will get hosts of Longicorns & Curculios. As the bark rots, it will swarm with Carabi & Stephalinidae. On the bark of fallen trees in the sunshine Buprestidae, at night good things will come to a lamp, beat dead leaves assiduously, they produce good things especially when thick & damp -- Rare Butterflies & variety of species can only be found in the forest paths -- The very finest ground is where new roads or extensive clearings are being made through lofty forest -- Seek out for such if possible & you will be well rewarded. If none such can be found, at all events have a few large trees cut down near your house -- They will produce good things morning & evening & at spare times when you cannot go far, Palm tree flowers & the sap of the toddy palm, attract Celonias & Lucani --. Living trees produce nothing except larvae, it is useless to search on them -- Under stones & on sandy places & on bare ground, little or nothing, the forest is the place for every thing fine & swampy forest is generally the best especially on the slopes of mountains -- From 9 am to 2 pm I find the best general collecting time -- you would much oblige me by registering your captures daily & would find it interesting thus

June 1



Other orders

35 species

18 species

44 species

and at the end of each month make a summary of the No of species collected in each family & order. Insects are seldom so abundant in the tropics as in England except just about & after the wet season. Four or five hours a day must be spent in diligent search & you will then be astonished at the new & fine things constantly turning up.

Hoping these notes the result of 8 years Tropical Collecting may be of use --

[Y]ours truly Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

Ternate Moluccas. Oct[ober] 5th 1858..

[[2]] Direct all cases if sent by Mail Steamer

Mr. S. Stevens.

24 Bloomsbury Street.



Care of

Mr. J. Deal Jun[io]r.

Custom House Agent

High Street


with great care

Direction for Collecting in the Tropics by A[.]R.Wallace

for Mr H. Squires

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