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Record number: WCP3776

Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Lester Frank Ward
3 June 1888

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Godalming, Surrey to Lester Frank Ward [none given] on 3 June 1888.

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01 February 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP3776.3689)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
John Hay Library, Brown University
Finding number:
Ms. 90.23, Series I, Subseries E
Copyright owner:
ŠA. R. Wallace Literary Estate

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June 3rd. 1888

Dear Mr. Ward1

The plants you sent me duly arrived. The Silene pensylvanica were rather damp on the leaves, which had rotted, but I think they will grow out again grow the tuberous roots. The Cypripedium seemed in good condition. The Viola pedata sent before are now growing strongly. If roots are kept moist in sphagnum, & foliage in dry moss to keep out the air & prevent shriveling, & the whole packed [[2]] nearly, but not quite airtight, it is astonishing how well plants travel. If put up too damp & too nearly airtight, they heat and rot.

With many thanks to yourself for gathering & to Mrs. Ward for packing them

Believe me | Yours very sincerely | Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

Prof. Lester F. Ward

[[3]] P.S. About half the specimens I sent from California, the Rocky Mountains & the Prairies are now alive and growing in my garden.

A.R.W. [signature]


1. Lester Frank Ward (1841-1913), botanist and sociologist.

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