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Record number: WCP3671

Sent by:
L. Petermann
Sent to:
[ Henry Norton Shaw ]
6 April 1853

Sent by L. Petermann, Geographical Establishment, Engraving, Lithographic & Printing Office, 9 Charing Cross, London to [Henry Norton Shaw], [Royal Geographical Society, 3 Waterloo Place] on 6 April 1853.

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10 January 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline
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LETTER (WCP3671.3574)

A typical letter handwritten by author in English and signed by author.

Held by:
Royal Geographical Society
Finding number:
JMS 6/53
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the L. Petermann Literary Estate.
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22/08/2012 - Catchpole, Caroline;

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Geographical Establishment

Engraving, Lithographic & Printing Office

9, Charing Cross, London

6. April 1853


I have the honour to enclose you an original paper "On the Rio Negro", by Alfred R. Wallace, accompanied by an original map, which I am desirous to submit to the notice of the Royal Geographical Society.

In these documents we are made better acquainted with a region very imperfectly known, and the features of that magnificent river the Rio Negro, are well described. That river The physical development of that river, its2 [[2]] great breadth, its intricate labyrinth of innumerable islands, - is probably not exceeded[?] by any other River in the World.

The River Vaupes, considered to be the headstream of the Rio Negro, never before explored by Europeans, is now for the first time delineated in the map by Mr. Wallace.

I have the honour to be | Sir | your obedient Servant | A Petermann [signature]


1. The paper has a letter head with a picture of a globe and the text "Physical Geographer to the Queen".

2. Below the main text of the letter is the text "To the secretary of the Royal Geographical Society".

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