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Record number: WCP3666

Sent by:
[ Arthur Robert Hinks ]
Sent to:
Violet Isabel Wallace
13 August 1931

Sent by [Arthur Robert Hinks], Royal Geographical Society, Lowther Lodge, 1 Kensington Gore, London to Violet Isabel Wallace Winspit, The Chart, Oxted, Surrey on 13 August 1931.

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10 January 2012 by Catchpole, Caroline


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LETTER (WCP3666.3569)

A typical letter typewritten  in English and signed by unsigned.

Held by:
Royal Geographical Society
Finding number:
RGS Corr. Block CB10 1931-1940 WG & V Wallace
Copyright owner:
Copyright of the Arthur Robert Hinks Literary Estate.

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August 13th, 1931.

Dear Madam,

On August 5 we received a letter from your brother, Mr. W.G. Wallace1, informing us of your generous desire to present to this Society a large armchair which formerly belonged to and was for many years constantly used by your late father, Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace. My clerk in my absence acknowledged this letter, and your brother now suggests that I should write to you direct.

I have little hesitation in saying that the Council would be very glad indeed to accept your gift, and that as they cannot be consulted now I hope that you will accept my assurance to that effect. As I understand that you are leaving your house at the end of the month you will probably be employing some firm of removers, and it might be most convenient to ask them to arrange to pack and deliver the chair to us at our expense. I shall be glad to know whether you consider this a suitable arrangement. I should have been [[2]] glad to call myself to thank you for your proposal and to see the proferred gift, but find it difficult at the moment to get away from London.

Yours very truly | Secretary.

Miss Wallace


1. Wallace, William Greenell (1871-1951). Alfred Russel Wallace's son.

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