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Record number: WCP366

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Sent by:
Alfred Russel Wallace
Sent to:
Henry Walter Bates
4 January 1858

Sent by Alfred Russel Wallace, Amboyna to Henry Walter Bates [none given] on 4 January 1858.

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Re. receipt of mail from home including letters from Bates and Darwin; cleaning and packing of collections from Aru; detailed account of numbers, types and locations of insects collected, including first serious collection of very small beetle species (Staphylinidae etc) at Macassar; comparison of data sent by Bates with 's own; reaction to Alfred Russel Wallace's paper 'On the Succession of Species', approving letter from Darwin; benefit of Darwin's proposed publication on species and varieties; boundary between two distinct faunas in Malay Archipelago; proposed expeditions to Gilolo island [Halmahera] and New Guinea; advantages of Amboyna as a base; battles of Balaclava and Inkerman; Britain - India meeting [British rule in India]; insects in the Andes.

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Marchant, James. (1916). I. Early letters (1854-62). 45-88. In: Marchant, James. Alfred Russel Wallace Letters and Reminiscences, Vol. 1. Cassell and Company, Ltd, London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne. i-xi, 1-320. [p. 65-68]

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